Quick reveal

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  1. I decided to take the chance as some people pn the coach fb site claim that the iPhone does not fit or fits too snug in this case- anyway, I got Madison universal case in persimmon today and love it- great fall color and room for my phone and cc-
  2. I was unable to show my phone as I need it for taking pics- several pockets on the inside and one on the outside
  3. Nice, glad your phone fits. Congrats.
  4. That's a beautiful color, and so glad your phone fits! Congrats!
  5. Cute. Do you have iPhone 5?
  6. Gorgeous color! Glad your phone fits in it too.
  7. Congrats! I love those Uni cases. So versatile.
  8. Cute, congrats!!
  9. Looks nice!

    What kind of case do you have on your phone? I tried to put my iphone in a patent one at the outlet and was too snug. I had a bulky case on at the time. I wonder if it would fit better with the slim case I have on now.
  10. Very pretty graebelle, looks like it would match my persimmon Isabelle.
  11. Very cute! I love these cases! I am becoming addicted to this style.:cool:

  12. My iPhone 5 fits with the slim case I have on.
  13. I have just a hard plastic case for my phone- the front is open so the case only covers the back and the sides- I perhaps would be tricky to fit if you had an otter case as though are very thick
  14. Very Cute
  15. Got the exact same case last week. Like the lengthwise opening. We did good. :biggrin: