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  1. I got a very special delivery today...

  2. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  3. I'm waitinggggggggggggggg. Harrods hey! must be special
  4. She is very special! I've wanted her for about a year now - she will never take the place of my faithful Balenciaga but every time I saw her I felt an affinity with this bag and I am just loving this colour as well! Ordered from the Harrods website as NOWHERE near me was stocking this colour!

    So...introducing the Baby Aidan in Dirty Martini!



  5. :tup::dothewave:
    I love it!
  6. i want one!! Gorgeous what is the colour like - is it taupe eg more brown than grey? Doest the shoulder strap fit across your body comfortably or is it high waisted like Simon Cowell! My Ukita hangs a bit like that - which is why I ask and I'm 170cm/ 5ft 7.

    Do you know how it compares with the baby groovee? Like the look of that bag too, but never seen either in real life. Finally question, I'm in the UK too, what was Harrods delivery like?
  7. The colour is fabulous! It's like a warm grey - difficult to say whether it's more brown than grey but it's definitely not a cool colour, it has a warmth to it and it will definitely go with anything!

    The shoulder strap will fit across the body very comfortably, and on me - I'm 5ft 5ins - it would sit right on my hip or just above the hip. Hung from the shoulder alone, it hangs lower. The strap has three holes each side so can be adjusted slightly.

    Even though this is the Baby Aidan, it's actually not a baby-sized bag, like the Baby Groovee is. It's much larger than the Baby Groovee - it actually measures about the same as the standard Groovee bag but a little taller. It can actually fit a bit more in than my Balenciaga Giant City!

    Harrods delivery was fine - ordered Wednesday, free standard delivery, delivered today via Parcelforce. Absolutely no problems. Packaging was very good - huge box and lots of padding!
  8. Congrats!! I LOVE the baby Aidan bag - If I didn't have the other ones I own now, I would definitely have picked up another in this color! Gorgeous!!
  9. Lovely bag and great color........congrats!!!
  10. :girlsigh:
    congrats! Love the dirty martini color!
  11. Congrats! I love this color! It looks like faded aluminum! yum
  12. Ohh.... very pretty!!! Congrats.
  13. Looove the baby aidan and the colour!! Congrats! :]
  14. gorgeous color!!! i swear MJ does the most perfect shades of neutral greys and taupes...
  15. Welcome to the MBMJ Aidan family :smile:

    She's beauiful
    They are so versatile I love them