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  1. No teasers... Everything all together too lol.

  2. To quick inventory --
    1 Coach Man's Wallet
    1 Zip Around Wallet (I think it's a medium Gramercy?)
    1 Pony Scarf
    1 Tie
    1 Keyfob
    1 ID Holder.
  3. Nice! I really like that striped scarf.
  4. Hella cute items!!! Me likey.....

    Off-topic, but how did the interview for Coach go?
  5. nice!!!

  6. I didn't interview. I went in and asked if they were hiring, and they weren't. :sad: I filled out an application anyway. I'm gonna give it a month or two and call them and annoy them! LOL
  7. Hahaha.....best of luck!
  8. Congrats!!
  9. ooo great haul! i esp love the ponytail scarf!!
  10. Very cute stuff! Love the scarves!
  11. Ooooohhh love your finds!! Especially that striped scarf and I.D holder. This makes me want some accessories!!!
  12. Great haul, I especially love that ID holder, I haven't seen that one at all at my outlet but it's so adorable ... Congrats on everything!
  13. LOVE the pony scarf!
  14. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  15. love it!