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  1. 3D4A7710-3E47-4CA7-ADAA-4A6965754096.jpeg
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  2. E8AF73FF-F390-4326-8B4B-EDADDC44809E.jpeg
  3. E65EBDF1-3FCA-42B9-9C80-B8C2389FF719.jpeg 3DFE42D7-1B3F-4F41-8E44-EF94CC4D77BE.jpeg
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  4. Now I just need to practice tying pretty bows ( which I obviously suck at)....
  5. I love your new bag and bandeau. I also love the way you put the bow on it. :smile: Enjoy.
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  6. Congrats.
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  7. Whoohoo gorgeous!!
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  8. Congrats on your Neo Noe. I love that bandeau also, so pretty!
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  9. Very cute! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  10. Beautiful combo! Congrats :smile:
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  11. Lovely! Congratulations!
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