Quick reveal!! Who's here???

  1. My pre loved beauty in immaculate condition! The seller and I did a straight exchange. One LV for another!!

    Anyone around??
  2. Oh! Yay that means it went thru? I'm happy for ya!!
  3. I will make this quick ad I am going out the door! Without further adieu I present my Vernis Sarah wallet in pomme ( I think that's the correct colour). Wow I am sooooo in LVoe with this wallet!!





  4. I cannot believe how much this wallet holds! She's a beauty! :smile:
  5. Beautiful!!!
  6. Congrats! Beautiful color.
  7. Congratulations! Glad the trade worked for you!
  8. Omgosh !!! You did good !!! Very pretty ;)
    What did u trade ? If u don't mind asking !
  9. Stunning! Can't go wrong with pomme, what did you exchange?
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Congrats! Nice trade!!!
  12. Nice! Congrats!
  13. Trades rock! The color is amazing! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!!
  15. nice - congrats!!