Quick Reveal, Thoughts? Caviar Chevron Jumbo!

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  1. Hello!
    I'm beyond giddy with my newest CC love! I considered getting the classic quilt with SHW but something about this beauty captivated me. I have the Quilted Maxi with GHW and decided that these two would make the perfect duo without being too similar.
    I originally came in for the Rock in Rome. After trying her on, I decided needed a crossbody option given my super busy mother of 3 gotta be hands free lifestyle. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465023610.607725.jpg I went home empty handed until... The following options!
    I was offered the so black chevron reissue which is also gorgeous! But I love the structure of the CF'd and worried about the wrinkling. It was hard to walk away from the so black though.
    They also has the classic quilt with SHW which was my original choice but when she sent me a pic of this beauty, I fell. In. Love.
    First the swoon worthy presentation ...
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465023711.802801.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465023727.877685.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465023745.563855.jpg

    Here she is in all her caviar chevron glory...


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  2. Beautiful! Definitely a good choice. Love chevron - more clean lines.
  3. She's so beautiful! My only reservation is the possible instant wear on the back flap. Having just received her, I notice already a very slight formation of a line crease where there is pressure when the bag opens. There isn't much convo on this area of wear so I'm not sure if it will get really bad. Also not much info on west and tear of the caviar chevron.

    I'd love feedback! The quilts definitely don't have this issue given that my 8 month old maxi is pretty perfect still.

    Here is another pic of the line crease, I did post on another thread. I like that she's a bit more contemporary and different from her Highness the Maxi.

    Maybe I'll just have to learn how to get things In and out of the bag without actually opening it lol. I haven't used her yet, just still admiring and sighing.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465024462.909922.jpg

  5. Thank you! My thoughts exactly!
  6. Such a beautiful bag! Congratulations definitely a great choice! Do they come in other sizes and GHW please? Fingers crossed thats the maximum the crease will ever get :smile:
  7. Yes! I've been waiting for someone to reveal this bag! I was on the wait list for weeks for this when I came across the chevron reissue with black hardware and decided to go with that one as I found it a bit edgier than the jumbo. Although I DO love this jumbo! How is the leather? Is it hard and structured? Is it heavy? Please post mod pics!!!
  8. I don't see anything. But bags are meant to be used and enjoyed. Older bags wear the marks of your life. They have character. They are only leather after all.
  9. I would love a bag with the chevron pattern. It's just so stylish and cool.
  10. +1
  11. So nice! I have only seen chevron in lambskin, but it is gorgeous in caviar, and much less high maintenance. I might have to get one myself :smile:
  12. This chevron is amazing, congrats!

  13. Thank you!!
    I haven't seen one with gold hardware yet maybe next release? I have seen this in the mini in the fun colors

  14. Congrats on the reissue!
    The leather is divine on this one, grains seem much tighter than my maxi. I'll try to show pics up close of both and the difference is super obvious! The leather itself is the caviar stiff goodness but the quilts are puffy! It's not heavy at all to me, it's my first jumbo but I consider her very comfy.
    Mod pics and up close leather shots soon!

  15. Thanks I feel much better about it.