Quick reveal - raspberry pink croc coin purse


May 19, 2016
D5076CA7-1E87-4267-B652-FCA017BAF675.jpeg 8962E226-88F9-4C18-B689-60664C7F5BEB.jpeg C6009BF8-B810-41DA-B954-231F47E3199E.jpeg Hi all :wave:

I just wanted to share my new purchase as I don’t see much info about SLGs for Mulberry. I have bought the zipped coin purse in raspberry pink croc and it is an absolutely stunning colour :girlsigh: Very slimline which is perfect to fit in my small bags when needed. Can fit two cards in the slot at the back and inside I have another two cards, bank notes and some coins. Could definitely fit more though. Hope this helps someone who is looking to buy one!