Quick reveal of my new beauty. Limited edition for London, Big Ben

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458639315.267894.jpg
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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458639536.731054.jpg
  3. aaah.. so pretty.. Been waiting for the London version of this type.. :biggrin:
    Do you know in which color is it available? and if you don't mind the price too? Thank you.
  4. That's super cute! Is it navy?

  5. It is available in light grey and the navy/dark blue I chose. The price of the large shopper with long handles I have is £73.

  6. Thanks, it's navy indeed. It also comes in light grey.
  7. How wonderful! Tell us te whole story!

    How many LC stores are there in London?

    Were they prominently displayed?

    Did you know going in that you were going to get it?
  8. Thank you. Planning on going to London in May. Hopefully it's still available by then. Would be a nice souvenir 😊😊

  9. It was really! I went into the Longchamp store in New Bond Street wanting a navy or black large Le Pliage. When my mum and I walked in, they had two Big Ben limited editions on display, a small size with short handles in light grey and a large one with long handles in navy. Upstairs they had a couple more sizes on display and I was told that they are only being sold in the London Longchamp stores but not online and not through department stores either. They do not offer the small shopper with long handles in the limited edition Big Ben. I'm sorry, I don't know the prices of the other sizes but the large shopper with long handles I got was £73, so only £8 more expensive than the regular ones. Hope this helps. I am not entirely sure how many London stores there are, I usually go to New Bond Street.
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  10. Wow, it's beautiful! Would love that one or the Eiffel!

  11. Brilliant! As you Brits like to say. :smile:
    Carry in good health!

  12. I think there's a very good chance it may still be available! Good luck and I hope you get the one you want!

  13. Thank you!xx

  14. Yes, Eiffeltower is also on my wish list!