Quick reveal - not sure I’m feeling it!

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  1. E890F67C-18F6-4571-9699-70AE3C6BF9A8.jpeg
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  4. My much-stalked Favorite MM mono. I love it and how it feels but it’s not the tardis I was expecting! Guess I’d better search for some ‘what’s in my bag’ threads...
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    What's your hesitation?
  6. I love it! Just drooling over here!
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  7. Why aren’t you feeling it? Typically if my initial reaction is not I can’t wait to use this then it’s a return. But I think this a great, useful bag.
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  8. It's a nice bag, but sometimes when you want something so badly and wait a long time and put a lot of energy into obtaining it, when you finally get it can't help but be a letdown. Find something you really love!
  9. I’m feeling it! I love it! :heart:Enjoy your beautiful hard to find Favorite MM. :smile:
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  10. It is purely because it doesn’t seem to hold as much as I was expecting. I see loads of photos of people’s teeny little bags that have enough SLGs to fill a suitcase! I think maybe I just need a lesson in packing lol.
  11. I know what you mean. I felt that with the Palm Springs mini, which I returned. I think I will persevere with this Favorite though as it does have other uses, such as for a wedding etc, even if I end up not using it on as much of a daily basis as I thought I would.
  12. Out of all my LV bags, the Favorite MM is my most used bag. I bought this bag years ago and it is still going strong. I can't believe how difficult this bag is to obtain now. I must admit, I didn't love it at first and bought into the hype. Once I started using it, I really understand how easy it is that it pairs with clothing wise. In addition, the coated canvas is great in rainy weather too. Mine is in the DE print and not the monogram.
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  13. My vote is to do what's practical. I usually have a smaller "handbag" inside my larger "handbag" so that I can haul my work laptop along with all my other things - smaller handbag in case I want to step out for lunch. If you can see that kind of use for you and can fit your essentials into it you should go for it. But honestly if you are not excited to use it and still on the fence then maybe it is not for you.
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  14. That was me with the pochette accessoires!
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  15. I felt like you too when I first received the bag. I was waitlisted so I never really saw the bag in person until I went to pick it up. It around past the 30 day return period then I thought might as well use it... well surprise- I love it!! It’s an awesome crossbody for me and easy to close and open. It holds my empriente victorine, key holder, iPhone and a chapstick. Just try the bag out and see.. if not the resell value is not bad.
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