Quick Reveal! My first RED bag...

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  1. I've been on a search for a red bag and I was on the waiting list for this one. However, when I first saw pictures of it on TPF...I wasn't excited about the dullness of this seasons caviar so I decided to pass. But after awhile, I started warming up to it and I started thinking about it. So when my sa offered it to me again, I said YES!
  2. Here is my red caviar boy woc!
  3. Indoor lighting... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464311351.938642.jpg
  4. My woc family... [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464311386.941979.jpg
  5. Very beautiful! Congratulations :yahoo:
  6. Congrats, it's beautiful!!! The color is so rich [emoji173]️
  7. Congrats! Beautiful Chanel woc
  8. Even though it's not shiny, the matte caviar gives it an understated elegance. I also love how soft the leather feels! I was so surprised by that. I'm very happy with this piece. I plan to wear this casually and to add a pop of color that my wardrobe desperately needs. [emoji4]

  9. Thank you! I really love this red!

  10. I totally agree, I have been feeling the leather constantly!

  11. Right?! It feels like butter.
  12. Congrats! Beautiful!
  13. It's so hard to find a shade of red that one personally loves, having it in caviar is just icing on the cake! Happy for you!! :smile:

  14. Thank you!
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