Quick reveal - Madison Saffiano Mini N/S Bond Tote

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  1. Went to see some of the new bags in store yesterday, and came back with the mini tote in bronze! I think some people were interested in this color, so I did my best to get a decent picture - not completely accurate, but close. Thanks for letting me share!


  2. Gorgeous! I have been looking at this bag. Would you say it's the size of the mini tanner?
  3. Here's another shot of the color. It's gorgeous.


  4. Oooo that's pretty : )
  5. I think they're about the same size. Comparison pic coming up!
  6. Pretty close!
  7. Gorgeous color !! Congrats!
  8. I'm glad you have a pic in different lighting, I wasn't sure if my pics look more like gunmetal, which this color definitely isn't!

    Thank you, the color just keeps growing on me the more I look at it!
  9. That is really cute! Perfect to transition into Spring and Summer!:biggrin:
  10. Isn't it?! I'm so glad the SA had me try on this color and steered me away before I could buy yet another black bag, lol.
  11. This is very pretty!!! l like it a lot! I think saffiano leather looks particularly good in metallic colors. Congratulations and enjoy!
  12. Ooh that's nice. Gorgeous color! I like the full zipper.
  13. Love this color! I only asked to see the "blues" yesterday, so now I guess I have to go back to FP next week!:P
  14. Bronze and silt are two colors I've been wanting to see....thanks for posting. It's a cute bag and I love the color!!