Quick Reveal - Just purchased today!!

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  1. Hi Friends, just came back from the Bloomies sale and picked up this Sofia purse. What do you folks think? Should I keep it? I also like it in the red but did not have it in the store but I saw it's still available online. Purple is a fun color and I don't have too many bags in purple. Thanks for any advice you may have. :smile:


  2. Beautiful! Purple is my favorite color, so I'm biased. The red leather is beautiful, too.
  3. Are you going to use it more often if its in purple than in red?
    Also, is your clothes mostly purple / red friendly?
    Does the red has the same amount of price?
  4. Beautiful! Hard to say, I'm a red girl myself but I'm loving this purple.
    What would you get the most use out of with your wardrobe and what is your gut telling you? If you don't get the red will you regret it? If you get the red will you miss this purple beauty?
    I'm probably not helping, it's a tough choice - both are gorgeous!
  5. It is nice, nothing wrong with purple :smile:
  6. I have a few bags in red in the chanel jumbo and thought a purple would add a change or variety to the collection.
  7. This is a beautiful and very versatile. I have it n brown and I love mine. You won't regret buying it. It is not a sharp purple so it can go with lots of different color outfit. Besides, if you have other red bags already, why not give purple a chance :smile:
  8. I adore this color. A very good choice.
  9. gorgeous!