Quick reveal for bolide lovers! *modeling pics on pg 4*

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  1. Hello, Everyone. I had my 30 etoupe birkin for 3 years and had been using her almost every weekday. So it's time for 2nd bag to alternate with my beloved birkin. After some research, I have my eyes set on bolide--it's classy, understated and easy to use. Will make a great everyday bag. Before I show you the bolide, I 'd like to amuse you with this pic of my office file cabinet. So this is my birkin after 3 years constant use, still good as new! Yes, I wear flats to commute so I put a couple of high heelsl in my office, LOL. [​IMG]
  2. Im here! Those are lovely heels! Lets see that bolide!
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    So last weekend, I walked to my local hermes store. I saw a size 35 rubis bolide on the shelf but I want a size 31. So I asked the SA if they have 31. She said in 31, we have XX. I was so surprised! it's my favorate pop color but I thought it has been rested. Of course, it went home with me. Here is the box.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    a step closer
  6. [​IMG]

    now you can see the color
  7. MORE PICS!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Let's see!!!!!!!!
  9. [​IMG]
    31 Rouge Garance Bolide! RG is my favorite red color but was rested so I was so surprised and happy that I found this color in store. According to the SA, RG is brought back this season. Not sure if it's true, experts pls confirm. It is good news for people who also like this color.
  10. [​IMG]


    a couple pics of birkin and bolide together. as you can see, bolide has this big round handles which makes it so comfortable to carry. and it's slimmer than birkin from the side.
  11. Beautiful. Funny cuz i just voted for Lindy in another string...and now, Bolide beauty! Can't we just have it all?!!!

    Congrats and enjoy this pretty!
  12. very nice....

    this bag is getting more popular
  13. Gorgeous...;)
  14. Thank you, OMK2010,iapple,Tubereuse,babyshingo,quaintrelle!

    Red is a happy color--it makes me happy everytime I use it.
  15. We are bag twin! Isn't rouge garance a true lipstick red color. Lovely. Congrats again and wear her in the best of health :smile: