Quick reveal... blue tattoo set :-)

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    With the assistance of Aeonat, I managed to track down the blue flats last week at another Saks store. My SA at the Vacaville outlet was holding onto both the medium and large sized blue totes for me but in the end, the large sized tote won out. Here are some photos of my blue tattoo set:



    I'm definitely on a major shopping ban now, that is until the next Gucci sale :P
  2. Wow! How big is that bag? Is it like a weekender?
  3. Swanky, the large tote isn't that much bigger than the medium. Per my outlet SA, the dimensions of the large tote are around: 15 1/2" (L) x 6 1/4" (W) x 11 1/2" (H).
  4. Ohhh!! You soo lucky! I am looking for this everywhere but cant track one down!
    Congratulations hun, enjoy them :biggrin:
  5. You ladies are on a roll with the tattoo sets. That's a nice size for the tote and will look lovely with matching flats.
  6. Lovely set!!!!
  7. #7 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    Thank you, Ayshaa, NoKnockOffs, and Daniellesmommy.

    Ayshaa: Are you looking for the blue tattoo flats or tote? I purchased the flats at Saks Fifth Avenue but it's my understanding that they're sold out now, especially since they were clearance priced. I purchased the tote at the Gucci outlet in Vacaville, CA. The outlet had both the medium and large sized tattoo totes as well as the medium Boston.
  8. Congrats! another lovely tattoo set!
  9. I love that!!! You go girl!!
  10. Congrats!! Hahah.. now you have complete all the tattoo collection right!! Maybe you need to have a family portraits of three sets!! heheheh beige/blue and white!!

    Mission accomplish!!!
  11. Ooooh I love them!! you are sooo lucky Expy00, now we have just to wait to the next sale:yahoo:
  12. Beautiful set, Expy, I am happy you got them and even happier we got a reveal to drool over :smile:
  13. Gorgeous set!
  14. Thank you, Dolly 6637, Mlt1230, Aeonat, Runaway Bride, Beenie, and Kaydee Lynn.
  15. Very cute set, love the matching flats :smile: