~Quick Reveal..and Something Extra!!~

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  1. beautiful LV's - congrats!!
  2. Great haul~!!! Congrats~!!!

  3. Thanks everyone!!!
  4. Congrats on all of the beautiful pieces! Mod pics?
  5. Love, love, love! Gee, the cosmetic case looks almost as wide as the alma bb. Love that the interiors of your de pieces will match your bag and wsllet.

  6. Thanks!! Yes mod pics soon!! Maybe this week!!

  7. Thank you!! The alma bb is pretty roomy. I think it is how I took the pic. :smile:
  8. WOW - all your items are so pretty and they match perfect together. What a great haul :biggrin: Your Alma looks soooo stunning - I love her in that color!
  9. How lovely! If you are ever in need for another sister....;)

  10. Thank you so much!!!

  11. You are too sweet!! I have 4 already and they are crazy!! I am blessed though!! Thanks!!!
  12. Great haul, enjoyed looking at these lovely LVs. Congrats!
  13. Beautiful pieces, many congrats! I'm thinking about an Alma BB in Epi, but never tried her in person. The carmine red is so pretty and I'd love to own a red bag for going out, but I think I should get a black one, that matches everything. Mmmmh, don't know....
  14. Congrats! What a great haul, so beautiful! Enjoy :smile:
  15. Congrats! Great haul!