Quick Reveal and PCE Pics

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  1. Finally got my final PCE bag today and love it! To be honest, I was not a fan of this bag when it came out, but have realized that it's basically perfect...Pics are uploaded so this will be quick!
  2. cool im here lets see!
  3. The new bags are so cute...my kitty wanted to get in on the reveal :P

  4. I had gotten this before but never posted, but it's too cute not to!

    Breast Cancer Valet Fob

  5. Here Kitty Kitty!
  6. My new love...Crimson Patent Sophia!!! :yahoo:

  7. ohhh, can we have a kitty reveal too!!?? :biggrin: Too precious!

    Beautiful bag!!! I really think that color stands out.
  8. Quick mod shot, I am 5'2 for reference. And sorry about the dirty mirror :nuts:

  9. Finally, all of my PCE bags! :yahoo: Thanks for looking!!!

  10. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  11. Gorgeous Collection! Enjoy them all!
  12. LOL!! :biggrin:

    Thank you!! I think this bag will be really cute once it's broken in. When I took the pics it had my regular stuff in it, and I like how the sides fold down and aren't so stiff.
  13. Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  14. Hello, bag twin! I LOVE your new crimson bag and she looks so welcome by her "sisters" in the group photo! Congrats! Enjoy your bags--they are AWESOME!
  15. It's beautiful!!! I love the Crimson Patent! It's such a gorgeous shade of red! It looks great on you! Fabulous PCE choices! Enjoy! :smile: