quick reveal! 2014 gris pyrite giant hip & 2012 (?) coquelicot classic envelope

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  1. ahhhhh! i got bitten by the bal bug again. i sold my 2007 white twiggy to help fund these two :cool:

    bargain 2012 coquelicot classic envelope clutch, £147 including postage from ebay! the seller had spelt balenciaga wrong lol, so i'm guessing no one saw it. no wear and tear, but a few very minor stains internally. red isn't my colour but i think it will grow on me :graucho:


    2014 gris pyrite giant hip with gold hardware :love: i waited 11 days for this from vestiaire collective - got really worried about their rep but i'm thriled! i really love this bag and the combination. the tags etc have changed though?

  2. oops, i posted this in the wrong area of the forum!
  3. can a mod please move my thread??

  4. Wow.. GH certainly look great.
  5. I just got my first Bal (a Mini City) and it's a Gris Pyrite w/GGH as well — I love this combo! It looks so much better in real life, wouldn't you agree? Pictures really can't do it justice. And since I'm JUST starting to get into bbags, I find it so fascinating how the leather from the same year and color can look so different. The leather on my bag is more textured than yours...more similar to the texture on your envelope clutch. I don't particularly prefer one over the other, but I believe it gives each bag its own personality. :biggrin:
  6. God... nice bags. I am so envy
  7. Congrats! Very nice choices!
  8. i agree, it's a stunning combo! i've had a lot of comments on the bag :smile:

    you're spot on re texture - it's definitely quite smooth. it's softening though!
  9. I adore that coquelicot clutch...you lucky lady!! :P
  10. Do you ladies prefer the hip with ghw or just the classic? I am contemplating and having a hard time.. Your suggestions are appreciated.. :smile:
  11. nice bags. lucky you for the clutch!
  12. Lovely bags. Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. crv: I prefer the hip with GHW
  14. sodapop21 - thanks! i think i am going with the GHW - i was just looking for a little push..:smile:
  15. Giant is better in my opinion too!