Quick recap on stock at NM SF

  1. Classic flaps caviar with new chain

    White medium $2150
    Ivory white jumbo $2250
    Black jumbo

    Classic flaps lambskin with new chain

    White pochette $1550
    Nude pink medium $2150
    Ivory white medium
    Dark grey jumbo $2395

    New lock small black and white $1995

    Rock and chain small hobo black and beige $1950
    Rock and chain large flap blue $2125.

    Leather madison small white $1850
    Leather Madison large red and black $2125

    Lucky charm small reissue $3295

    Rock and chain flap in white $1850

    Soft handle small flap black and white $1995

    Expandable tote large and small in black $2595 and $2250

    Modern chain med tote black $2225
    Modern chain flap black $1525
  2. did the price of medium increase? i thought it was 1995, it's now 2150? :sweatdrop:
  3. Hmm I didnt know the Rock and Chain flap came in blue...what kind of blue is it?

    Do you have any pics of it Chrissie?
  4. The medium caviar flap with new chain is $2150.

    I don't have a pic of the rock and chain flap in blue. I usually can't post pics at work; I can only do it when I get home. The blue is a bright electric blue.

    One correction: its a punk cc reissue and not lucky charms.
  5. whoa, but the reg. classic med caviar is still 1995 right? and how about the pouchette in both the old and the new chain in caviar?
  6. Ohhh--if you can take pics later that would be awesome...thanks Chrissie

    Also--how come its 2125?

    I thought the large rock and chain flaps are 1975 USD
  7. No problem Cory, I will post pics tonight. I must have been typing too fast but I meant the large soft and chain flap and not rock and chain. Sorry! Its $2125.
  8. How does it work if I want to order from canada? interested in the modern chain tote.
  9. Hi Christine,

    Could you please PM me your e-mail address for easier communication since I've only gotten your phone number? Thanks.
  10. Neiman Marcus does ship to Canada; the shipping is $50. We take either Neiman Marcus charge card or American Express for phone orders.
  11. PM'd ya! ;)
  12. I asked for you yesterday, but the girl who helped me was very obnoxious and rude and told me you werent in, but were shopping that day. I bit my tongue as I handed her the cash..knowing the commission could have gone to someone nicer.
  13. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I was off yesterday and my friend was visiting me from Seattle so I took her to NM to go shopping. I wonder if I was in when you were there. Again, I'm sorry you had a bad experience but the good thing is you got the bag! I love the modern chain tote, I think its very rock & roll and sexy which is usually not the case for chanel bags. Enjoy your new bag!
  14. I am not sure If I was there around the time you were shopping. But, that girl who helped me was so " ughh" the more I think of her the more annoyed I get. But, its okay..I have my bag..I love the modern chain tote..its so HUGE! Im going to the trunk show at chanel later this week, maybe I might drop by!
  15. Hi Christine,

    is it possible to find Ligne Cambon line in NM? I know it's been discontinued..maybe some of the stores still have some left?