Quick ? re new bandeaus

  1. I am about to call my SA and need some quick info.

    Etoile: Available now and in blue, pink, grey right?

    Diamante: When is this coming out? & What colors?

    LVOE: Coming in April right?

    Is there going to be a heart bandeau or only the scarf & pocket square? And when do they release?
  2. my store today had most of the scarves (but not the LVoe they didn't know about that one)
  3. Thanks Label!
    I'm leaning toward the blue & pink Etoile and then waitlisting for the LVOE bandeau!
  4. The Diamant bandana is also out in pink, blue and light grey....all of which are really cute! :yes: As far as I know there is no heart bandeau (I didn't know about the pocket square) and the heart scarf is quite pricey--$570.
  5. get the lvoe bandeau, its gorgeous!
  6. Thanks all!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to pass on the Diamante because I like the bandeaus more for wrapping on purses (less bulky than bandanas).
    BV: I am definetly listing for the LVOE bandeau!
  7. LVOE bandeau in April? awww...just saw it on the website and WANTED IT!

    don't know much about the bandeau - is it going to be very limited? will waitlisting for it be necessary, you think?
  8. There is an amore bandeau and an amore scarf.
  9. There is an Amour bandeau?!? This is news to me!! Do you know how much it is twinkle.tink?? I checked out the accessories look book today...maybe I missed it.
  10. please more info on the LVoe scarf and bandeau! I am waitlisted but should I waitlist at more than one store.

    THings just keep getting harder and harder to get it seems!
  11. Oh wow really twinkle? Yikes another waitlist! And that makes my decision harder....
    I am going to buy the etoile in blue & pink (I wear lots of blues & pinks) and pass on the grey because I figured the LVOE will take care of having a lighter color. Now I don't know if I should hold off on the pink etoile as well.
  12. I'd love to get the etoile bandeau in pink! I guess I'll be waiting to get the LVoe bandeau too!