Quick ? re Hermes Vernacular

  1. I'm diligently searching through threads as I research leathers, colors, etc. I have come across the phrases "July Podium" and "February Podium." I gather that it has something to do with ordering (??) but can anyone please tell me exactly what that means? Thank you!
  2. Hey BLM!

    OK, I'll give it a try:

    The podiums are held in early February and mid July by Hermes in Paris, and the staff (select staff, usually the manager and another staff member) go to Paris (all of them, worldwide) to be presented with the new colours of the coming seasons, and colours that may have been reintroduced, new and re-issued leathers, discontinued colours etc so they can place their store orders for the coming season. Select clients are able to place a "Special Order" with their store on occasion, to order the exact specifications they would like. For example, I have ordered a 35cm Birkin in chocolate togo, with orange chevre lining, and contrast orange top stitiching, palladium hardware, and my darling Manager will be placing this order for me in a few weeks, when he visits the Podium.

    I would pay big bucks to be a fly on the wall at the Podiums, it sound incredible!

    Just to clarify also, Hermes has been known to discontinue colours, re-introduce colours, re-issue leathers...etc. so it is not always possible to have your SO fulfilled. Some ladies and Gents can wait YEARS for their perfect order to be made...but it's SO worth it in the end!!!!

    Hope that helps?
  3. Oh thanks so much GF!! Now it all makes sense. I went to Hermes for the first time last week, I was chatting with the manager, telling him about my lifestyle and such what type of bag I envisioned myself with, and he said "Well we should get out the leather book and take a look since I will be going to Paris in July." Thanks to you GF, I know the full significance of this.

    I placed an order for a Rouge H JPG, although now I also want a 35 Gold/GH Clemence. That wouldn't be considered a SO would it or do I need to tell him to add that to my order?. I really have to say that this Hermes neophyte is really grateful for how kind and helpful you all have been here, GF you're another perfect example of this, thank you!!
  4. ^ It could still be a special order even if it's a combo normally in production. Also, you can think about doing something fun to make the bag unique to you! Maybe a contrasting color lining or something like that?
  5. hey no problems!! And CONGRATS on your Special Order!!!!! They don't offer them to anyone who walks throught the door, and some people BEG to get on the list!!!! Well Done!!

    I would do what GT suggested! Why not make your bag a little different, since you can!
  6. ^ I know!!! Well done!
    If I get the chance to special order, it would be a black box Kelly 32cm with Rouge H lining and gold HW!
  7. Are the SO like LV priced a percentage higher (30% or so)? This is such a great sub forum. You ladies are great!
  8. ^ nope. Same price. :smile:
  9. Thanks so much all!! The manager was so wonderful, I went in there with my friend who is a big Hermes customer, I think that helped. Also the store is brand new so that probably influenced how receptive he was.
  10. the staff there is wonderful, blm! i hung out with them last week for a little while (i visit regularly :blush: ) , they have nicknames for each other and they were asking me what my nickname would be :smile: i think they are really trying to cater to local folks versus folks from out of town.

    as for the gold birkin, i guess you could place an order for it, or they might be willing to let you know when one of those beauties show up :smile:
  11. I can testify to that. I begged and bought and did just about everything to get on a list:yes:

    Congrats on your SO, it's very very special~