Quick Rant

  1. I'm so sick of getting a million forwarded chain letter type emails in my inbox all the time- not to mention most of it is completely false information!!! For example this Pepsi rumour that's going around- has anyone heard about this? http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/undergod.asp

    I wish at the very least people would check snopes to see if something's true or not before sending it to their entire email list! OK, Rant over :smile: Does anyone else get these constantly from their friends? Or are you one of those people who forwards them on?
  2. I rarely will forward something unless it is a joke, like George Carlin's Rules. I also hate those surveys, "Your favorite color?", etc.
    Thanks for letting me rant too, I have a headache today & I swear that let a little pressure off!:smile:
  3. I receive tons of e-mails from friends, co-workers and family. No prob. I just read and delete most of them. My cousin once blocked me from sending her e-mails. Needless to say I have NEVER e-mail her again...about anything. Now she forward emails to me. Again, I just read and delete and never respond. I've gotten so many duplicats that I can now look at the subject line and rembember if I've seen it before.