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  1. Hey guys,
    I had a few questions concerning the Kelly... do they make it using Fjored leather. From what I've read on this forum in the Ref Library it seems to be the most durable of all the leathers, so I surprised it is not seen more often. Is it the most durable one? Also what is Ardenne like? Thanks!
  2. I have never seen one but I am sure they make fjord Kellys. In the NYT Magazine article (Nov. 30, 03) with pictures about how a Kelly bag is made, the bag in the picture is fjord. For the article they had requested a 35 red box Kelly but instead got a 32 fjord.
  3. Sure, they make Fjord Kellys. Saw a black one at my Hermes the last time I was there. There are a few in the Members Reference thread. It is extremely durable but the most heavy of all of Hermes' textured leathers.
    One nice thing about Fjord is that it holds the color dye very well.
    Ardennes has been discontinued. :smile:
  4. Greentea, have you tried holding a retourne 32 fjord Kelly? If so, do you think it's too heavy? I am interested in something durable and not too slouchy so I am thinking of fjord and chevre. I keep hearing fjord is heavy so I am a little concerned, but I am not sure about the spine thing in chevre either. I can't imagine Hermes would have two identical bags, one in chevre and one in fjord, for me to try and choose on the same day.
  5. ^ Nah, that would just be TOOO much to ask! hehe

    Well, when you compare chevre to Fjord it's REALLY different since Togo and Clemence sit in between the two weight-wise.
    I have held a Togo Kelly and it had some weight to it, even unstuffed. So Fjord would be that much heavier. I'd choose Chevre hands-down between the two and if the spine bothers you, try Chevre Mysore as the spine is much less pronounced than on Chevre de coromandel. :smile:
  6. Thank you. I am not even sure if the spine would really bother me since I haven't seen one in real life on a Kelly. My SA showed me the spine on a small blue clutch and that one looked fine to me, so perhaps it was chevre mysore.
  7. Thanks for the info! Ardenne has been discontinued? Why? Is it scratch resistant? And in rain? Sorry for all the questions, it is just that there is a very pretty Birkin on the Zurich site made out of this leather. :smile:
  8. Regarding Ardennes I have a rouge vif 37cm Bolide made from this leather and I also used to have a Birkin in Ardennes as well (now sold). I find it to be durable, scratch resistant and it does very well in rain. Ardennes looks like Clemence but it is stiffer and a little shinier in appearance. A Birkin in Ardennes will hold its shape over time better than a Birkin in Clemence. Honestly in terms of weight I have never really thought there was that much difference between togo and clemence, my Kellys in these leathers seem pretty much the same to me. The Ardennes Bolide seems pretty light in spite of its size, but Bolide is a lighter bag anyway than the Birkin. Hope this is helpful.