Quick Questions

  1. Does the Caviar Medallion tote have a zippered closure? Are these still available at the boutique?
  2. yes, and yes.

    It zips closed across the top, that's the little medallion/charm you see hanging. My NM still had at least one recently.
  3. Thank ya!!
  4. One more question. Does the Medallion tote only come in caviar leather or can you order it with the smoother leather? Lambskin I think it is.
  5. no, just caviar
  6. The medallion tote is so YUMMY.

    I have a white one and use it more than any of my other Chanel bags!
  7. Ditto. I've got the medallion tote in black/silver. Very useful and durable!
  8. I want an everyday tote with a zipper or flap of some kind and I seen this Medallion tote and now I can't stop thinking about it. Does it come in other colors besides black and white?
  9. ^ I've seen it in beige and pink.
  10. may have been in pink or beige as well{?}
    I had a hard time fitting my massive wallet into it. It fit inside fine, but it was a lot of work getting it in and out past the zippered opening.
    It's an awesome bag though!
  11. Is the sizing like similar to the small cambon tote or larger?
  12. Mine is in between. At NM last week I saw one that looked smaller than the one I had. I'm not sure if they come out in two sizes now..

    Here's a picture of mine for comparison, surrounded by my medium and large Cambon.

    chanel family.jpg

    Hope it helps!
  13. You have a beautiful collection pink!
  14. I agree about the size. My big wallet w/checkbook barely fits in my Medallion Tote; I usually downsize to my smaller wallet so I have more room for other things. But I still love the bag too!
  15. hi there

    Does anyone have the chanel pink and black tote. I have the option of getting at Saks today (big sale) but havent seen it in person:P