Quick questions

  1. 1) How is 'etoile' pronounced?

    2) Are the etoile bandeaus LE?

    3) What is the retail? (Yes, I can call 866, but is closed at the time of post. Found plenty of pics when I searched, but no retail info.)

  2. I think it's like "ey-twal."
    They're not LE but more like seasonal as most bandeaus and scarves are. I believe the retail is $120.
  3. ^^ITA. etproduces an ay sound, and the seond part forms the twal sounds.
  4. yup! I agree. Also the stress is on the 2nd syllable at the end, like most words in French.:yes:

    It's seasonal I think.... but seasonal=LE for me....lol
  5. Love my etoile bandeau, I've been using it as a sash