Quick Question!!!

  1. OK, I am trying to hold off until my birthday in April before I buy anymore purses, I really want a black purse...I don't have any black Coach purses at all, and I love the Carly, anyhow do you think it will look to winterish to carry in the Spring? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advanced!!!:heart:
  2. I don't think so. Black bags are year-round staples. If I got one, I'd use it year-round, and I live in FL, where we don't even really have winter except for a couple weeks a year.
  3. Thanks, Bethy!!
  4. Black bags are elegant all the time. I have, well probably too many in my closet. But there's no reason you can't use them all year round. Get at least one!
  5. I agree, black year round is fine. You can always add a charm or scarf to go with the season.
  6. I carry nothing but black bags all year -- I even carry black leather in the summer!
  7. the black flap legacy bag in black leather is great, btw!
  8. a black bag is like a little black dress. always perfect and you always need one.

    and like mentioned, add a scarf or charm to make it more spring/summer.
  9. Sooo funny! I have been haunting the Coach outlets in search of the perfect black bag. Looking for one with inside dividers, you know, instead of a bucket. Any ideas?? Got a gift certificate that is burning a hole in my pocket to Nordy and may end up there.
  10. Thanks gals!!! :flowers: Adding a scarf seems like a great idea to make go with the seasons more. I still can't believe I don't have a black bag, I feel like such a nerd.:smile:
  11. ^^No don't...I don't have one either :shame: and the scarf idea is great!
  12. Black matches everything and is a classic or basic color so it's all-year round. What about a demi? I have the black signature demi and love it! I don't own that much black bags though.
  13. I like the scarf idea...I'll try that one also.