Quick question

  1. Hi everyone,
    This is my first time here and I am looking for some advice. Two weeks ago I bought a speedy 30 from eluxury. After using the bag for about a week I noticed that a portion of the handles has a faint grayish/blackish tint which I am assuming spread from my black winter jacket (I had been holding it at the wrist and the handles must have rubbed against the bottom of my sleeves). Now I am stressed out because I dont know if it is going to ever go away or if there is anything I can do to treat it. If someone has an idea I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. You can try baby wipes, or a magic eraser(very lightly).
  3. This has happened with my Manhattan GM. I noticed that the black from my coat has rubbed off on the handles. I won't baby wipe them yet since there is no real patina. Now when I wear that coat I carry a different LV. I think over time the patina will cover it and it will just blend in.
  4. When I first got my mono speedy, I had some color transfer from my jeans to the handle (even though I had washed my jeans about 100 times). I left it alone and now that the handles are starting to patina, it isn't so noticeable.
  5. Do you use antibacterial gel on your hands? I was told by an SA that if you're using anti-bacterial gel on your hands that it could discolor the leather with a grayish tone. Anyway, I would do one of the things suggested like using baby wipes or the magic eraser. :shame: