quick question

  1. do all Birkins come with a sticker on the box like this:
    (not my picture, just using as an example)

    my box doesn't have this info on it. any input would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. There is no sticker on my Kelly box
  3. ok, basically, i want to know if this means
    #1-i got a new box and its not the original to my bag or
    #2-that the sticker was removed, or
    #3-is it not necessarily always that they leave that sticker on the box?
  4. that's helpful. thank you, Rose :smile:
  5. I THINK store usually keeps the tag.
    (and doesn't the tag usually state the size/leather/color of the bag?)
  6. I was present when the plastic wrapping came off my box at the Hermes store at Madison Avenue...no sticker. So, I don't think it could have fallen off (if there was one). Hope that helps.
  7. that sounds right, but this is a sticker. i never purchased a handbag directly from Hermes before (other accessories for sure but not a bag) so i dont know what their protocol is. nothing i bought from them has any stickers on any boxes. the only thing i ever purchased from them bearing a sticker was a siesta teaset and that was on the bottom of the porcelain and not on the box
  8. thanks! yeah, im assuming the sticker in that pic is the kind theyd stick on a shoebox and that is unlikely to fall off.:yes:
  9. oh.sorry! .my bad..should've read the question a little better.
    nope..my kelly didn't come with sticker either. nor the previous paris bombay I had.
  10. whoa rose..u had the whole opening ceremony there! how lucky!
  11. Hi, never seen a sticker on a box, only tags which are folded onto, but not attached to the box, and the store keeps them.
  12. Yes, I still have 'happy' dreams about it... it was wonderful :tender:
  13. yep - this is what we have here ,too......none of my bag boxes have this sticker. Pehaps it is usually stuck to the plastic wrap, and they can either peel it off and stick it to the box, or it gets thrown out with the plastic? We need Specialist Paris to clarify!
  14. to be quite honest im not 100% certain the person who owns this JPG im asking about has an authentic JPG. i didnt want to ask as im sure she'd say its real anyway, but im a little bit curious
  15. ok, so maybe thats not a sticker. it looks like a tag. sorry! :smile: but...the "N" in Noir is off center, so is the "B" in Birkin. this forum has really enabled my creepy obsessive compulsive side. haha :smile:
    i might stop by Hermes tomorrow. Have $1,500 maximum to spend there tomorrow, but would prefer to stay under $1k. What do you suggest?? How much do the Collier De Chein bracelets in regular leathers cost? And exotics? Any other recommendations? I'm loving some of the scarves too. I also wanted to stop into Chloe to pick up a new sweater, but that's another topic altogether.