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  1. I paid for an item on ebay on February 2. I've been waiting for the seller to ship and today I log on to ebay and I see she's refunded my money. There's no message or anything. I emailed her and she emailed me back saying there are stains on the item and she didn't want to send it. It's great she was honest but I paid for this 7 days ago. She just noticed the stains today?? Should I leave negative feedback or should I just let it go because she's doing the right thing? I normally wouldn't be annoyed over something like this but as I said a whole week went be before she said anything.
  2. Any chance you got a bargain and she is disappointed in the amount the item went for? She should be sending you photos of the stains in good faith.

    You can call her bluff by asking "Hi. Can you send me photos of the stains? I may still be interested in the item."...

    Now, there is a chance the item is stained. I know alot of stains are not visible until the item is taken out into the sun. When I was going to list some of my dad's Dockers, I took them out to photo and saw coffee stains on the knees. They went to Goodwill or the like.
  3. I'm going to ask her to send me pictures. She had it listed with a picture and I didn't see anything on it, the tags were even still attached. It was a miss sixty sweater so I don't think I got a huge deal on it. This is the second time in a week or so this has happened. The first time was another sweater that the buyer took to the dry cleaners and the buyer said the cleaner left a stain on it. I do believe her though. She offered to send it to me for free if the stains came out which I declined.
  4. This happened to me before. Seller just refunded my money with no information. She said if I wanted the item, I would have to repay or else she's going to relist the item.

    According to her, ebay has a 7 day seller protection policy. If the seller doesn't send the item in 7 days, they aren't protected. Thus she refunded me the money on the 7 day mark, and made me repay. It was a big pain.
  5. I sent her 2 emails through ebay asking for pictures of the stains. No response yet. When she emailed me this morning after I asked why she refunded she said she had emailed me to let me know what had happened but I had no new messages. She was very quick to respond to my first email and now I have a feeling she going to go mute on me. In that case what do I do? Just leave a negative? It must have been seller's remorse. I can't believe there were stains on the sweater..the tags were still attached in the photo and she describes it as new with tags.
  6. I would not leave a neg for this. There are so many reasons why a seller doesn't complete the sale - some legitimate and some a bit dodgy but often you can only guess. When this has happened to me, I have given them the benefit of the doubt and just let it go. I am a bit of a softie but, to me negs are for fairly serious transgressions that result in me being ripped off in some way.
  7. Sometime. New with tag will come with a stain, dirty as it was drop on the floor, some coffee drink stain as ppl brought their drink when it's browsing in shop.

    The seller might want to back out as there is only bid, and she were regret for this sale. Unfortunately, we can not push the seller ship and Ebay can not do anything either, but you can report to Ebay and seller might have a strike. But Ebay will asked for many proof.

    If the seller don't want to reply to your Ebay or email you... Definately, she have something to hide tho.

    Just a thought
  8. I wouldn't give her negative feedback if this happened to me. I will still be glad that I got my money back. Most likely, this is seller's remorse. Just let it go.
  9. Maybe your seller only noticed the stain upon packing the item to ship-even a new with tag item can have a stain from being displayed too long in store,etc.

    She may deserves a neutral feedback, but in my opinion a negative feedback is too strong.
  10. I'll probably just let it go but as I said this is the second time in a week from 2 different sellers that something has happened to something I won. I know no one can force the seller to ship but it's annoying nonetheless. I still haven't heard back from her so to me that says she's trying to hide something. I'm glad they both refunded my money but again this is twice in one week..what are the chances...lol.
  11. Murphy's Law. It probably won't happen again for a long long time.
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    I disagree re:negative - i would hold off until *if* she sends proof - then fine, i wouldn't leave any feedback at all. But for me, a week with no communication and just a refund with no message and what sounds suspiciously like sellers remorse - that would tick me off enough to leave a negative. I know a lot of people feel like negatives should only be given for really "serious transgressions" but if it's a negative experience, it's a negative experience!

    Does anyone think that if sellers could still leave negatives that they wouldn't do so for a non-paying bidder who displayed a similar lack of communication? Well this is exactly the same thing - the seller isn't following through on the contract. As i say if she provides proof, o.k - but she should have been more forthright with that before just issuing a message-free refund - hence why it sounds fishy. I don't mind if it's a £5 or £500 item, makes no difference - lack of communication is my biggest pet hate because there's really no need for it....

    ETA - There's absolutely no way a Papypal claim for a refund in this case would have gone any other way but the buyer's, so i definitely wouldn't be just satisfied that i got a refund!
  13. I would leave a NEG if she does not contact you. That is unfair to leave the buyer hanging.

  14. Agree here.. would leave a negative and should she contact you

    with some insultiung excuse, would leave a neutral with an

  15. Still haven't heard anything from her. How long would you give her to prove what she's saying? I figured maybe until Friday with maybe 1 more email on Thursday. I shouldn't have to chase her when all she has to do is take a picture and say here are the stains.