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  1. I hope I'm not posting this question in the wrong spot, I was wondering if anyone would know what bag this is # F06I-10402?? Also, this bag is my sister in laws and she has never used it and she was wondering if she can return it since it is a few years old? She is searching for her receipt or tag, but it was purchased at Macy's. Any help would be great. Thanks :smile:
  2. Not sure if she can return it back to Macy's after so long. If it were purchased from Coach she would be able to return it for sure. You'd have to call Macy's to find out what their return policy is but, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere between 30 - 90 days.
  3. If it was purchased at Macy's, then it would need to be returned to Macy's... and I believe they have a 90 day return policy, as opposed to Coach, which has no limit.... But again, bought at Macy's must be returned to Macy's....
  4. Macy's is 180 days I believe, which makes it still a moot point if it is several years old.
  5. #10402 is a Bleecker Duffle. If it's a few years old I wouldn't even think about trying to return it. Selling it would be her best option if she doesn't want it anymore.
  6. yeah there is no way you can return something after having it for years, even if you haven't used it. I think she should just try to sell it if she doesn't want it
  7. Thanks guys you are a wealth of info!!! I'm gonna check eb** for her to see what she could possibly get for it.:smile: