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  1. I want to sell 2 of my Fendis on eBay.
    One is from the Fall 2002 Ready to Wear line
    and the other is the Spring 2002 Ready to Wear line.

    Should these bags be listed as Vintage? I have never used them but I don't know that putting 'New' in the listing is right.
    Plus what all pics should I add?
  2. Vintage items are usually those that are 20+ years or older, so I wouldn't add vintage. You could label them as New Without Tags if you've honestly never used them, or Gently Used Excellent Condition if they're used a smidge with no wear.

    You just want to label them as accurately as possible :yes:

    Good luck with your sale!
  3. Make sure to post pics of the hardware (especially the underside of the clasp if it is a baguette) as well as the embossed serial number, lining, and general pics of the bag.
  4. Thanks very much. I posted like 12 pictures.