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  1. Has Coach ever put the price tag on the inside of a purse before? I bought a purse off Ebay (long story short, I gave a purse to a friend and regretted giving it to her ever since and bought another off Ebay) and the Coach tag is on the inside zipper. I will post pictures of it in just a minute, but I didn't know if you gals knew.
  2. I always do. It's one way of me to check how much I paid and the style of the bag if I need to check it.
  3. Two of the bags I have purchased at the outlet have had the price tag on the inside zipper.
  4. when the price tags are on the inside, then they were most likely floor bags, they were on display on the floor in the full price store.
  5. Thanks guys I feel alot better about that. I was pretty sure it was normal. I just posted pix of the actual purse in my reveal. It's the green Chelsea Optic.
  6. Yep, my chelsea satchel was a floor model that I ended up purchasing at the outlet. It had the tag attached inside on the zipper pull. I also got a really good deal on that bag. I love it!
  7. yes, my platinum lily from the coach boutiqe the tag was on the inside.
  8. Yep. I cant remember which bag Ive bought that had pricetag inside on zipper. One or 2 maybe did if memory serves. Which it doesnt much. LOL
  9. I've never seen this done before, but I also don't have a boutique near me! I have seen them laid plat and tucked into smaller front pockets! Like they do with the wallets. Sounds like from what the OP said your all good!!!
  10. Yes. The ones I have bought from the outlet with the tag on the inside zipper, the tags inside were boutique tags. They also had Factory tags on the outside. Looked like the outlet just forgot to cut the tag off the inside when they got the transfer and retagged it on the outside with the factory tag. One of my Lindsay was like that.
  11. As above. Most good sellers check over those bags with a fine tooth comb because they know the bags were possibly floor models.
  12. My Julianne came with the tag on the inside zipper, and they brought it out from the back room at a boutique. Looks like it had never been touched before...
    Oh I guess it means that my Julianne was a virgin then huh...;)
  13. My bottle green legacy satchel had the tag on the inside. I bought her at the outlet. I've seen it on other bags I've looked at when at the outlet too.
  14. Wow, I didnt know about this either! Good to know :tup:
  15. My 07 Legacy Shoulder bag in raisin was a floor model and has the tag on the inside zipper :smile: