Quick question

  1. I need some help with something. I'm looking at a mini signature wallet on ebay and the photos are of the actual product and everything looks authentic but when I asked what brand the zipper was he responded that it had no brand and that if I owned a Coach with a YKK zipper it was fake. I own a couple of Coach purses that I purchased directly from Coach and they have YKK zippers. So here's my question to those of you with Coach wallets, what brand is the zipper?
  2. AFAIK every coach item uses YKK zippers.
    A no-name zipper is a sign of a counterfeit.

    Could you post a link to the auction? I'm very curious to see it and his other items.
  3. I spot checked the stuff nearest to my desk...and it all has YKK zippers...and I only buy from coach, coach outlets, or coach.com
  4. All of my Coach items have YKK zippers too.
  5. What is a ykk zipper? Sorry to be so dumb, but I'm totally confused.

  6. YKK is a major manufacturing company in Japan; most famous for their "zippers." They are top quality, and have been tested to be one of the world finest! Many major Fashion houses use them, such as GUCCI. No shame in having a YKK zipper.