Quick question. :)

  1. Just a quick question!

    When is Heritage suppose to be out in the stores? :smile:
    and/or when is the new floorset to be out?

    Thank you! ^^;
  2. I heard February for Heritage Pouches and Demis. [or at least that's what the catalog says... :biggrin:]

    The totes are already at my Lord & Taylor...
  3. Hmm.. Thanks!

    The nearest lord&taylor is about 30 minutes away.. Maybe I will check it out sometime this week. ^^
  4. i saw some of the heritage totes at macy's. they've been there for like, 1-2 weeks actually.
  5. They've had Heritage Stripes for a while here now...
  6. I thought they had some heritage line on the website. Somebody posted that they should have everything out on Jan. 25!
  7. Jan. 25th! Really?? I can't wait to see what else comes out!!!!!
  8. I wonder when the satchels will be available!? I'm still holding out for a pink one!