Quick Question??

  1. I bought the Legacy Thompson Hobo in Ink a while ago for my own Christmas gift. I opened it on Christmas and started using it that day. Today I noticed that on either side of the handle, the thread is fraying! I've used it for 6 days, this shouldn't be happening. Will they take it back and exchange it for a new one? I don't have the receipt so i'm not sure if that will be a problem or not. Anyone know for sure? I know they are good about these things so i'm hoping they will exchange it for me. TIA!
  2. you could at least take it in and show it to them, it may be a problem b/c you don't have the receipt, but i don't know because i've never had to return anything.....hth!
  3. When the handles on my legacy satchel fell off they gave me a full refund because they were out of stock, so I am pretty sure they will return it for you or give you a refund. Just make sure you talk to someone who knows what they are doing.
  4. I've returned a bag before without a reciept because the fabric was fraying. It shouldn't be a problem. That's a great looking bag, how do you like it?
  5. It must be the type of thread Coach has been using on their bags. I've noticed this too! I bought a black leather Bleecker Capacity wristlet and on the first day I noticed the threads looked like they were about to fray and after just a couple of days, it got noticeably worse. I ended up returning it. When I bought my black medium sig Carly, I noticed the same thing with the threads around the sides of the handle! This really bums me out because I expected Coach to use better quality threads. :confused1:
    You could bring it into the store and show them and they'll probably let you do an exchange.
  6. I absolutely love it! It's a great bag which is why I really want a new one that won't fray like that.

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'll just take it to the store tomorrow and see what they say. I'll let you guys know what happens!