Quick question..

  1. I just noticed that one of my beloved Coach bags is missing the gosh darn hangtag to it. What the heck can I do to get another one? It is an older model so I am wondering if they even have any tags to sell me! *CRY*:crybaby:

    ETA: Not sure of the name of the bag, but the numbers on the inside say No F06K - 10406
  2. Call Coach customer service - if they have it, they will send you another free of charge. Give them the style number (last 5 digits on creed). Good luck!
  3. Yes that is the bag! I just called Coach and the guy took the numbers down and said that I would get one in the mail in about 5 days or so. YAY! I was so worried about it. I am just so glad that they will help me out. Thanks everyone for your help!