Quick Question!?!?


What prezzie for the mom?

  1. Sologne

  2. Ravello GM

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  1. Ok so my bro is on his way to the store to pick out my moms prezzie....

    which one do you guys like the best? im torn

    I LOVE the style of this one:

    the Sologne

    but im afraid the 50 something lady will find it a bit to flashy...can old people (haha jk) handle the monogram?

    sooo this is my other option:

    the Ravello GM

    HELP HELP HELP!! I have like an hour to make this decision!!

  2. I like the ravello, but if youre in doubt, what about an LV gift card?
  3. Thanks travelbliss...and it would be SO much more simple to buy her a gift card but my moms one of those people that NEVER spends money on herself!! so shell end up just giving me the gift card because shes too guilty to buy her self something!! hehe shes crazy

    but ahhh this is hard...hehe THANKS TRAVELBLISS!
  4. I like the Ravello. :yes:
  5. I like the tikal gm. What a great present........
  6. thanks for the votes guys....the brother liked the the Sologne....the other one was a little to small!!!! and he loved the style of the Sologne

    soooo now lets hope mummy loves it!!! HAPPY BDAY TO THE BESSSSSSSSSSSST MUMMY IN THE WORLD! :smile:

  7. my bff has the ravello and i really like it. the only downside is that it's kinda small if your mom carries a lot of stuff. i do love the tikal as well!
  8. hehe yeah i loved that one too...but the brother thought it was too shiny LOL!! so he went with the Sologne!! haha we will work my mom up to the bling slowly ;)!!!
  9. Rivello
  10. Yeah, ive never seen it IRL but i loved itttttt but apparantly its too small for all of my moms junk! hehe

    THANKS for your opinion!!!

    AND GUYS...MY MOM finnally JOINED THE DARKER SIDE OF BROWN!!!!! MUHUHAHAHA im so excited for her hehe :yahoo: