Quick question!

  1. :smile:Just out of interest, I have a berry Venetia which is authentic and has a zip pocket inside as well as the open one with a flap and the marc jacobs nameplate. Anyway there is a venetia I am interested in in cherry blossom and that has no inner zipped pocket. Just wondering do the current ones have one or has it been phased out? Thanks
  2. It's not that I want something authenticating, I am just wondering about the styles, thats all!
  3. bag.lover may know..she is the MJ expert here!
  4. Apparantely he changes his styles each season. I have seen two cherry blossoms both authentic one with a zipped pocket, one without. Can anyone with a cherry blossom Venetia verify this? Does anyone have any other coloured Venetias that don't have a zipped interior pocket and just the flap one? Also, what year is cherry blossom from? Thanks