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  1. Hi,

    I have a quick question...I purchased a soho flap less than a month ago at the factory store in Puerto Rico while I was on vacation. Tonight when I went to grab my debit card to pay for something, and I noticed where the flap snaps together the metal is flaking off. :wtf: This is my first coach, and I know that they are known for their quality, and while its not the most expensive item that they sell, I don't think this should happen in a $120 purse. Am I being too picky?

  2. no, that shouldn't happen

    take it to a coach boutique and show them

    is there a boutique near you?
  3. Yes, I just didn't want to seem ridiculous because its not a huge deal, as its not visible unless I open the flap. It just doesn't seem like it should happen
  4. it's not ridiculous...I would just go into the store and show the SA's....they will probably let you send it in for repair (they'll put a new snap on I assume)...it's worth a shot...good luck!
  5. Take it in, that shouldn't be happening.
  6. yea def take it in. they should repair it!!
  7. You are not being ridiculous.
    120 is still 120 of YOUR money that you paid for a quality product. I don't care if it's a 38 ponytail scarf. If it's defective, I'd take it back.

    My vote goes for taking it in.
  8. if it's less than a month, i'd go back to a factory store (if there's one near you) if you can and see if they can exchange for a new one ....
  9. go! i've gone back for much less