quick question

  1. what is the longest a boutique would hold a scarf for? if i can come get it on saturday or monday, how far in advance can i call to ask if they have it/will hold it for me?
  2. why not call and ask. tell them you can't get there til then. can you just doa charge send or do you need to see it first?
  3. i had a boutique hold something for at least a week for me....but it was a SO, so i'm not sure if they'll do that normally.
  4. Hmm, in all honesty, it depends on the store policy and on your relationship with the SA. If they know you are serious, I've seen them hold onto items for several weeks. But this was for someone who was definitely going to buy the item but never got around to physically coming into the store. I don't usually ask for more than a week if it's a hot item and I'm wishy washy about it.
  5. hh, if KOP has it they'll mail it out -- there's no sales tax so paying postage isn't so bad.
  6. My boutique held a wallet for me for 3 weeks until I could get there. It had been sent from another store.
  7. I've had my SA hold things for me for quite a bit when she knew I'd be out of town so I think it just depends on the SA. If you know you want the scarf for sure or it's a hot item that could get snapped up, I'd just have them charge you for it first.
  8. thanks for all the replies.
    i have no SA anywhere, lol. i don't know if they have the scarf in question, so i was going to call, but what's the point in calling if they can't hold it - although if they don't have it, that settles it right there, doesn't it.
    i got excited about the idea of having them charge it to hold it, but then i realized i really want to pay in cash.
    back to square one.
  9. I can only go up to my store every so often, so I have had one on hold for over two weeks:shame:
  10. Why don't you post which piece it is and maybe one of us can find it for you? We know you are good for it!
  11. ^^^^, yes HH if there is something in particular you are interested in I am sure one of my SA's will hold it for you, until you can get in to look at it.
  12. oh, you mean at the Madison boutique?:nuts:
    since i want to pay with cash (it's semi responsible, semi convenient, and semi symbolic - i have a little paycheck:smile:) doing a cross-country search isn't realistic (but it's insanely generous, gazoo, thanks).
    so only the madison store will work, and i can get there either saturday or monday, depending on our possible weekend guests.
    well the scarf is paris modiste i think (is that the name of the hat box design:heart: :heart: with the bonnets all over it and the 4 women, one in each corner?) in red.... :love:
    has anyone seen that?
  13. Yes, I mean the Madison store. Call and ask them if they have it, if they do, if you have any problems getting them to hold it, PM me and I'll ask my SA to do it.
  14. I asked that question yesterday when my SA rang to say a scarf had arrived that I wanted. She said, about a week, but then (as I knew I didn't need to see this scarf to buy it) I asked how long would they hold it if I paid by credit card there and then over the phone and she said, for as long as you like (of course!)

    I should think then, 1 week is ok and reasonable and if you know them, then they might hang on for 2 maybe 3 weeks.
  15. can anyone confirm that i have the design right? i mean the name? i don't want to call and ask them to hold the wrong thing.