Quick question - YES/NO?

  1. I had an offer on my auction and declined. However, this was posted on eBay and other eBay member obviously selling the exactly the same item (even stole one of my pictures!) has asked me whether I can share the eBay ID, so that he/she can contact this member and take that offer.

    Maybe giving out other member's ID is against eBay policy? :confused1:

    I am not so sure about this. What do you think?
  2. Heck No!!! I would also report the other seller who stole your photos.
  3. Yep - already reported for stealing my precious picture! :smile:
  4. Absolutely no - I would be livid if a seller gave my id to another seller I had no interest in doing bus with. Then there would be 2 sellers I'd never do bus with. If you 2 had the same item, they didn't bid/offer on the other for a reason. Stolen pix? Sounds like an all around sketchy seller to me!
  5. No!!!!
  6. received same request from this seller again - i think i will just ignore it then. this seller has zero feedback and probably doesn't know stealing pix is not acceptable.
    hopefully, ebay will remove the pix for me.
    thanks guys!
  7. No way! I'd report them too.
  8. NO NO NO!!! I don't know whether it is against Ebay policy, but it would be terrible business practice. Good for you for reporting the stolen pics too.
  9. This seller sounds real scandlous! I would report him/her!:tdown:
  10. report them...bad bad bad
  11. No..!
  12. report!!!!

    Keep us posted!
  13. Wow - this really is NO then.

    already reported this seller & item for stealing my pic yesterday, but this seller's auction still has got my picture on it - ebay is so slow dealing with this as usual. :sad:
  14. after receiving probably about 3 messages, asking me to share the eBay ID, i fianally replied to this person and explained that when the eBay Id is not shown in public and protected by eBay, i do not share such information in any case and also told him/her to remove my pictures.
    then got another message asking me how to remove pictures. i replied with a brief instruction of how-to, but then obviously by the time she was trying to remove the picture, ebay has already terminated his/her auction.

    now this seller sent me this message below.

    - - -

    Dear Sir/Madem

    As a result of your lack of patience my auction for the **** was terminated and i have had to re-post the auction @ much inconvenience.

    I am a first time e-bay user and asked for you to help me in removing the photo that you did not approve of me using.

    After reading your message, i promptly went to remove the photo only to find my auction was terminated.

    In future please lias before you take such harsh actions as i have heard that "what goes around, apparently comes around" and i wouldnt want to wish the actions that were taken against me on anyone else.

    I would be grateful if we could work in unison.

    Yours truely

    - - -

    although, i know what this seller did wasn't right and my actions were appropriate, i feel bad for some reason.

    this person was apparently new to ebay and probably just didn't realized how it badly affects other ebay members when their pictures were stolen. throughout all the messages we've exchanged, this seller came across to me as a polite and nice person and i feel kind of bad for reporting on eBay when i could have been more patient with her.

    since ebay was so slow acting on this matter, this seller's auction lasted at least 6 days before the termination. 6 days of using my picture and still cursing me for what i did. maybe i'm being a bit silly for even feel sorry for this seller. but i would like to know how it really affects to them when the auction is reported and forcefully ended for stealing someone else's pictures?

    any information is appreciated.

    i don't know. i just feel a little funny now..