Quick Question! Which Macys Carries LV??

  1. Tia!
  2. Herald Square, NY I know does.
  3. you can call 866 VUITTON and they will tell you.
  4. The one on 151 West 34th Street and the one in Garden City.
  5. there's only one LV boutique in MN, and it happens to be located in a Macy's dept store in downtown Mpls.
  6. MACY'S OAKBROOK, IL 630-684-2411. It's great cause you can use your Macy's Charge there!!
  7. Macy's has them?!
    I never would have guessed!
  8. I have NEVER been to a Macy's that carried LV! the macy's down here are pretty dirty until you hit west palm beach, actually.
  9. I only know of the Macys in NYC that sells LV, but I am sure there are others. But you can only return LV items to stores with LV so if you change you're mind you'll basically have to go back to the store you went to.