Quick question(s) about the CDC bracelet??

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  1. Hi all, I am so into all the adorable H accessories and had some questions about the CDC bracelet

    1) Does it come in 2 sizes?? I've seen pictures of the pfrmers with the large leather version but in the celeb thread there are some pics of the narrower version? Is there much of a price difference between the two? In the UK the larger version is around £650 now according to their website.

    2) Is it a heavy bracelet to wear?

    3) Does the hardware get scratched/scuffed very easily, will H polish the bracelet if it does?

    Thank you for all your help.:tup:
  2. Hi Syma :smile: - I think you are thinking of the new Rivale bracelet as the smaller one. The CDC comes in one size.

    I have a CDC addiction...lol They are not heavy to wear, and I have never had a problem with the hardware scratching (but you sure could beat the heck out of someone with one of these bracelets if you had to).

    Hope that helps :heart:
  3. Hi there!

    1) I think you are thinking about Rivale, which is the narrower version of the CDC bracelet... But in terms of the sizing wise, CDC bracelet only comes in one size, but they do have four different holes for you to expand the size. In terms of the price difference: yes, there is a price difference! in U.S., Rivale is $480, whereas the CDC bracelet (normal leather) is $1000. So in general, you are looking at double the price for the CDC bracelet vs. R.


    2) Personally, I don't think it's a heavy bracelet, but then again, I am a big jewelry kind of person... And on top of that, sometimes I wear a kelly watch with the CDC bracelet, so THAT could get a little bit getting used to. But if you like chunky jewelry, then the CDC bracelet is not that heavy.

    3) It does get scratch, just like any other jewelry would... Especially with the thingy that sticks out, and if you wear it on your writing-hand wrist, and you are in front of the computer all the times, it will get scratched. But I polish it periodically with polishing gloves, which do wonders! I know for the exotics, I could get it back to H to re-glaze the skin (if it is skiny), but I'm not too sure about the hardware... MIght be a good idea to double check with your SA though!


  4. I love the cdc's too. Those of you that have them do wear them a lot? Do you find you wear them more as a casual piece or as more dressy?
  5. I have on CDC and I want a whole lot more. I wear mine when chasing and holding my kids and it's holding up well. I think I am a lot more paranoid about the leather than the hardware, lol.

  6. I ain't Rana (HI RANA), but I, too, love the CDC bracelets. I actually wear them (not all of them together LOL) every day. :tup: I am a very casual person, though, so I wear them casually, and even at work (though sometimes I get looks LOL. My male boss said I am a St. Mark's girl). But I def can see one dressing it up, perhaps with a light color croc piece. :tup:
  7. I would wear them every single day if I had one to match with every outfit I had--casual or dressy!!!
  8. Thanks - ladies.....I love the cdc's. I have a chanle cuff I wear all the time so I figure one of these would be another timeless investment in gold or black.
  9. Everyone on this forum is such a great enabler! :cutesy:

  10. Oh totally!!! Just imagine, the CDC bracelet was "invented" from the 70's, and we're STILL drooling over it. Talking about timeless! :tup:
  11. What does anyone think about the silver cdc?
  12. Thank you very much all for your thoughts. Yes the bracelet I was thinking of was probably the Rivale, I just noticed the US website has a lot more H goodies then the UK website. I'm off to do a search on everyones CDC collection...

  13. Hi xiaoxiao :heart: - Like you, I wear them very casually as well. The only time I ever had a problem with one was when I wore one to a concert at HOB. Security would not let me in the venue with it on. They considered it too dangerous (they were making everyone take off their studded jewelry and chains).
  14. I know I am in the minority, but I found the cdc too bulky for easy wearing. I bought the rivale, and love it.
  15. Ranag I just saw your CDC bracelets in the reference library and can I just say wow! Can I come and live in your accessories drawers ;)