Quick question regarding lining of epi speedy..

  1. Am thinking about an epi speedy as I started to use my mono one a lot over the last few weeks :love: and I wonder about something...I think I remember that my moms old speedy had no lining but read somewhere, that the epi speedy has a textile lining...is this correct? Has someone pics? Thanks:yes:
  2. Can nobody help?
  3. The old ones had no lining, new ones have canvas.
  4. Thanks Nola!
  5. Yup they do have a canvas lining.....my red one has a red lining!
  6. and my mandarin speedy has canvas lining in mandarin ..
  7. The older yellow one had a purple line...I wish they'd bring back contrasting linings again!
  8. my myrtille speedy has a blue lining. love it!
  9. My black has a dark grey.
  10. My black epi speedy has a black (or maaaaybe super dark gray) lining!!
  11. Yep, the old ones are actually kinda ugly inside :sad: witha weird hanging pocket.
  12. I have the yellow~ It is older with No lining. It has a velvet purple pouch...just thought I would contribute.;) I WISH it was completely lined with the purple...I wonder if I could special order that? Also~ The Yellow soufflot is lined w/ purple as well as Noe. :yes:
  13. Thank you all so much for your help, now I am really torn between the passy pm and the red speedy.....