quick Question re: inside of Chanel classic flap jumbo

  1. My SO bought me very first Chanel item *wheeee* on the condition that I cannot have it until Christmas. Well the bag arrived today and I was allowed a quick peek to check for any noticeable flaws/stitching issues and thankfully the bag looked perfect. The only hiccup is... I dont recall the inside looking like this. For some reason I recalled the jumbo flaps to have two expandable pockets on the interior back side of the bag. I know this description is hard to understand but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated!
  2. i thought the Jumbo had one compartment in the interior ( the back) and it has a zipper? correct me if i'm wrong ladies
  3. The inside of the jumbo has only 1 patch pocket and 1 zip compartment and behind the jumbo, a small patch pocket for cards.
  4. wonderful! that's what mine looks like and its perfect!

    I dont know where I got that idea I posted about. Thanks ladies... you guys came through for me :smile: