Quick question re: I'm Not A Plastic Bag

  1. Just received mine today but I'm wondering if you use them with the base in or take it out for a more slouchy look?
  2. I keep my base in - but this is also because it is sewed in along one side so you can't remove it. I hate to say it but if its not sewed in on one side its a FAKE! sorry!
  3. It is sewed in, I just didn't check properly! I bought the bag from the 'wearewhatwedo' website so it'a definitley not fake!
    Thanks for your reply :smile:
  4. Whew! Glad to hear that! Enjoy your bag!
  5. Glad to hear that too... My heartbeat went faster when you said that you want to take out the base, :smile:. Glad everythin is allright.
  6. I got mine a few weeks ago and just love the bag!!!!!!!!!! I tucked the paperwork/tag underneath that flap on the bottom so I'd always have it...
  7. Base is sewn in, I dont think i'd cut it out :sad: