Quick Question re Grenat Classique

  1. I am thinking about buying a Grenat Classique on sale at AFF (thank you, PFers, for pointing out that it was no longer on hold). My question is how hard these are to find. My timing is imperfect here, having just bought a b'bag and had a few other major expenses this month. If I let this one go, though, I have no clue how hard they are to find. Can anyone tell me?

    On a related note, can anyone tell me the difference between Grenat and Bordeaux? I haven't seen either IRL, and those dang swatches don't help much.

  2. I don't know if this is an indicator of how popular Grenat is.. but that bag's been on AFF for a while now. It seems like some of the 2oo6 bags take a little longer to sell than other bbags... as all the unsold bbags on AFF are from 2oo6.

    Not sure how helpful that is lol :shame: it's just something I've noticed...
  3. I don't know... I am having this same struggle... but the fact that I can still get a brand new bag from BalNY in grenat is weighing in the back of my mind - I think that is why no one is really going to jump at a used one if its around the same price?? (Just my opinion... everyone is different... and I am biased because I would have to pay taxes to AFF, and not to BalNY. So the used bag would end up costing me MORE then retail. Well...and I'm not in the market for a first.)

    I am contemplating the Bordeaux vs. Grenat thing right now too... I saw Grenat IRL at NM the other day - and I really liked it!! (They had a work & a mini-bowling.) So, I think I would like either of them, I just don't know WHICH one would be better, never having seen Bordeaux IRL.

    I've read some reviews in the Bordeaux vs. Grenat thread, that were pretty harsh about the Bordeaux color... LOL... and for some reason I can't get those out of my head, that being said, I don't want a negative opinion of a color to be the only thing I base a decision on... I think I would like the color, but I don't want this person's description to go through my mind everytime I look at the bag. (I'm not saying it on purpose, so I don't taint your decisions!!) ;)

    At the end of the day for me, I think it is going to come down to whether I decide between a slightly used bag at a decent price or a new bag straight from BalNY.... :shrugs: So color seems to be going out the window...
  4. Bags4Bubbles, your logic is EXACTLY the same as mine. I can buy a new one from BalNY, or a used one from AFF. BUT, AFF charges taxes but no shipping. Bal would charge BOTH, right? Arghh, this is just soooooo hard. Can anybody else weigh in on grenat vice bordeaux?
  5. There isn't much difference, if anything the Bordeaux is a bit darker/deeper. The attached picture is a grenat box next to a bordeaux coin purse....


    Hope this helps.
  6. No tax from BalNY unless you're in NY or NJ.

    I would personally choose Bordeaux over Grenat in terms of both color and leather. I had Grenat and returned it because the leather was thin with tons of white veins. The fact that BalNY still has a Grenat left tells me that it might be a bit of a reject. I definitely wouldn't order without getting pics first!
  7. Yep! No tax or S/H charges if you're not in NJ/NY like Glimmer mentioned - so I don't have either of those since I'm in MI. :p

    Thank you for the photos Fred&Ginger!! And thank you for the opinion Glimmer!! They're so close - its hard to decide without seeing them side by side!

    I'm having a tough time with this decision!! Compounded by the fact that at first I thought tabac was going to be in the same family... but now I'm thinking it is darker. Tough, tough decision... :smile:
  8. Personally i feel that there is not much difference btw bordeaux vs grenat...they look the same to me jus that it's from different year...:smile:
  9. shoegal posted some great pics of the two colors next to each other.

    bordeaux is like a deep wine color with purple tones, whereas grenat is more red with slight brown undertones.

    I liked them both so much, I'm getting the bordeaux city to go with my grenat!