Quick question on the phoebe

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  1. I was wondering whether someone could tell me if a Mulbery tree embossed on the side panel of a Phoebe is correct. I have a authentic phoebe and it doesnt have a tree and most that I have seen do not. I thought an embossed tree on the side was a sign of being fake.

    However, now that Love Handbags has one _ I am not so sure. Can anyone explain the difference? Is it due to age or colour way?

  2. Is the tree embossed on the side panel of the actual bag? The leather?

    I've not seen that before. I'm just going to check out Lovehandbags to see.
  3. ^ Oh yeah, I see it on the Two Tone Phoebe! Its on the Side Leather Panel under the Ring.

    I've not seen that before - maybe its only on the Two Tone Ones - somebody has one of those on here so hopefully they will be able to help you.

    My Oak one that I got at the beginning of last year doesn't have it.
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    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    I think they weren't embossed on the early ones. I seem to recall the first one I bought wasn't but more recent ones have been. Same thing goes for the blenheim, some have trees stamped on the comforter part of the strap, but the early ones didn't. Again, my very first one of those didn't.

    Edited to say that I have just checked a few old pics, and it may be that the two-tone ones have the tree and the plain ones don't.
  5. Phew! Thanks Jazzy - I'd spotted the 2 choc/oak ones on Ebay had this, and, knowing one was from MulberryMad knew it had to be OK, but then got me thinking why my Olive one didn't have one.
    Even though you've previously said mine was fine, I'm abit of a worrier - stupid me!
  6. Lady F - just checked my Phoebe and it has the tree embossed as well.
  7. Thanks ladies - appears that the tree might just be on the two tone (choc/oaK) ones only.
  8. ^ That's what I thought - funny though, I wonder why they would do that?
  9. don't panic !! As far as I know its just the two tone ones that have them . No idea why but its a nice touch on the leather.