Quick Question on Mulberry bags

  1. Hi guys,

    I just bought my first Mulberry (and designer!) bag - The Emmy, and it was from a very well known department store in Australia so I'm definately not worried about its authenticity, however I was wondering if they are meant to come with an actual authenticity card? It came with the dust bag and the care card but that was it. I'm not too worried, but it does sort of 'complete the package' if it was meant to come with one..?

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. Hi.
    Congratulations on you first Mulberry!
    I am certain that Mulberry do not have authenticity cards.
    I have bought four Mulberry bags and not one had a card

    Enjoy your bag

  3. Okay, thankyou so much morgan!

    I'm so excited to use it!!
  4. Congratulations on the Emmy you bought! I also only got a dustbag and a carecard, so I'm guessing that's normal :smile:
  5. No, there is no authenticity card. The care card has the guarantee details on the back. LV don't have authenticity cards either, although the fakes on eBay always seem to!
  6. yay! Thanks guys!

    This is quickly becomeing my fave forum! (I'm usually a vogue forum addict :shame:smile: