Quick question on color and skin

  1. Hi ALL,

    I have a couple of quick questions on colors and skins for the experts here.
    Color: What is the main difference between Orange and Poiron(sp?)
    Skin: What's the difference between Cherve, Swift, and Mysore? as far as texture, softness... etc.

    thanks lots!
  2. I will tackle the color question...

    I always have said ORANGE is the happy shade...much brighter, bolder, lively, like the most beautiful California navel orange color... more of a true orange...very pretty shade if you are an orange fan

    POTIRON is the sad orange shade...it is toned down, more neutral, brown undertones, not as bright, looks orange...but if you are not a true orange fan this color is a better choice

    As for the leathers I can't do well on all of them, so I will pass for others to help you
  3. Thanks kellybag, for now anyways I think I'm definitely on the Orange (happy shade) side, although I have to say I've never seen either in person...
  4. I have seen both and they are both really lovely...if you love orange and want bold color it is gorgeous...if you are scared of color and want an orange that can be somewhat neutral go for potiron.

    Chevre is a love of mine...imagine the leather looking as if it was slicked with lipgloss...it is amazing!!!
  5. You have the pic of my fuchisa chevre kelly so you know I love chevre too. I just was looking at the Hermes catalog and there's an orange kelly in there in mysore and it just looks divine too...
  6. Mysore is a type of Chevre (goat leather) with a smaller grain than the other, popular type of chevre called Chevre de Coromandel. Many accessories are done in Chevre Mysore. It's extremely durable with a slight sheen.

    Swift is very soft calf leather, not as textured and looks almost "squishy." Can be more prone to scratching. Look in the Reference thread above for Joanna's orange Kelly 28 - swift leather.

    As for Potiron, see my avatar! :P
  7. Thank you so much Greentea, you're as knowledgable as ever :yes:
  8. You're welcome!

    Between orange and Potiron, I prefer Potiron because of the strong brown undertones that really tone down the brightness of the bag. As Kellybag said, it's a suprising neutral.
  9. I also think the colors could vary with the type of leathers. I remember the potiron looking a little different when looking through the leather book at H.
  10. Which color is the Hermes orange? Orange or Potiron?
  11. Classic orange
  12. I only have one point to add to everyone's detailed explanation ~~ Mysore is softer than Coromandel.

    HTH :smile:
  13. Thanks Hermes Addiction! That's what I thought as I was looking at the Hermes catalog that has an orange Kelly 25 in Mysore in there. It really looked like it was softer than the chevre coromandel I have... I wish I can see one in person (orange, mysore kelly), that would be divine :love: