Quick question - Matte Black Reissue or 09 Fall Matte Bronze Reissue?

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  1. Please help, which will you pick? The following is what I already have. Hubby is currently in Munich and may have a chance to drop by Chanel later in the day. They have the matte black there and I can get it at the lower Europe prices. If I choose the bronze, I will have to pay either US price or local boutique prices, which is more expensive.

    Matte Grey 227
    Black Caviar Jumbo
    09 Cruise Red Jumbo
    08 Spring Glazed Pink Jumbo
    08 Pre-Fall Purple Medium
    08 Fall Patent Burgundy Medium
    08 Fall Dark Silver 226
    08 Fall Dark Navy Camera Case
    09 Spring Beige PST
    Timeless Classic Clutch in Black Patent
    09 Spring Fuschia Medium

    Thank you!
  2. matte black GH. a must classic.
  3. The black matt is a classic, and I would probably choose it, but you already have a black flap. Maybe a bronze would add variety? But do you think bronze would work with your wardrobe?

    Or maybe the black matt is better, because you have the jumbo with the CC closure, and with the matt you'd have a black flap with no logo, that's always a nice option too.
  4. I would say matt bronze. It addes varities to your collection.
  5. You've got the classic jumbo, why not get the bronze. Its a neutral color that works well with basic colors like black, white and grey.
  6. Thanks ladies for your ideas so far. I forgot to mention that I have the black caviar with silver hardware, will that change your opinion?
  7. I agree with the ladies! go for Matte Bronze!
    It's one of my favorite bag.
  8. I think the matte bronze would round out your collection nicely!! Good luck with your decision!
  9. What color hw would you get on the matt? If gold, I say get the matt, if silver, I say get the bronze.
  10. Thank you ladies! My dilemma was just resolved! I like both the matte black in gold hardware as well as the bronze (cos' it looks so much like the dark gold from 06). I would not have a dilemma if the bronze is available at the cheaper Europe price. It would have been about SGD3500 in Munich vs approx SGD4900 in Singapore. Now that's a difference of more than USD900! I called the Munich boutique earlier and one of the SA said they didn't have the bronze but they do have the black with gold hardware.

    My dear hubby called a little while ago and he made his way to the boutique! And they have the bronze! So lucky me, I managed to get the bronze at the Europe prices. In addition, I picked up a pair of earrings too. I am so looking forward to my hubby's return on Thursday.
  11. If you haven't seen the bronze in person, then don't go there. My vote goes to the matte black and two votes if it has bright gold hardware.

    (The bronze reissue would be a winner if it had gold hardware. The color would have popped but with the darker hardware, it didn't rock my horse.

    Remember, black goes with virtually everything. . .
  12. So your DH had bought the matte bronze? Though personally I prefer matte black w/gh, if you prefer matte bronze, then, go for it. I believed you have seen the color somewhere before, right? So that, you won't have a buyer's remorse later.:yes:
  13. Hello, I have seen pictures of both bags and they look very gorgeous in the pictures. I have tried on the matte black with gold hardware but have only seen the bronze in person -- didn't try it on as I was in a hurry and was just passing by the boutique. On the few times that I tried on the matte black with gold hardware, for some reason, it doesn't look great on me, but it kept lingering on my mind and that I think is due to the great pictures on this forum. As for the bronze, I hope I will like it wearing it as much as I do seeing it in real life and in pictures. I have a great big feeling that even after I purchase the bronze, the matte black will still be on my mind.:P
  14. I would have chosen the matte black since it is a more versatile bag, but the matte bronze is really pretty too.
  15. simplysplendid, we have so many of the same bags. :P the black reissue has also been on my mind for quite a while. i kept holding off and buying other bags because i figured the black would always be around. i was trying to decide between the black and the gold but finally decided that i waited long enough and it was time to add it to my collection. i can't wait to receive it. so my vote is for the black reissue.